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Planning for Faith-Based Organizations

Faith-Based organizations play an integral role during disasters in our community.

Through the collaboration of faith-based organizations and government agencies, we can work together to educate and empower our communities to prepare before disasters strike. provides preparedness information and valuable resources for everyone including churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and community-based organizations to help your congregation and organization members understand the importance of preparedness.

Take Action!
  • Develop a comprehensive emergency plan for your church, including steps to respond if a disaster strikes when your congregation is together or apart.
  • Consider joining OperationOC as a faith-based organization in partnership with other community groups.
  • HostReady Sunday event at your church during National Preparedness Month every September.
  • Partner with the American Red Cross of Orange County to offer your facility as an evacuation shelter for the community.
  • Empower your congregation members to volunteer for a church C.E.R.T. team.
  • Link to on your church website and provide online resources to your congregation.