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Planning for Pets

Our pets completely depend on us for care and we must prepare for them along with our families.

Planning for Pets

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Here are steps you can take to prepare to care for your pets in an emergency.

  • First, assemble an animal emergency supply kit with food, medicine, treats, sanitation supplies, toys and other equipment.
  • Create “go bags” for your pets and store them in each vehicle.
  • Plan to take your pets with you if you must evacuate. If you leave, you may not be allowed to return home for days and your pets will not be able to fend for themselves.
  • Consider including stress-relieving items in your emergency kit such as calming collars and their favorite toys.
  • Make prior arrangements to ensure your pet has a safe place to stay. Research “pet friendly” hotels and motels and ask if your pet would qualify to stay (especially if you have multiple pets).  Most evacuation shelters will not accept pets, except for service animals, and animal boarding facilities will fill up fast during disaster.
  • Make sure people can identify your pet in case of disaster. Your pet should always wear current identification tags, and ask your veterinarian to have your pet micro-chipped.
  • Develop a pet care buddy system with neighbors, friends or family to evacuate your pets because disasters may occur when you aren’t home. Meet at a designated location and make sure they have all of your phone numbers.

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